We have the largest, deepest,

ex-vivo gene therapy
data set in the world.

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We are committed to diverse and inclusive access in our clinical trials because we believe the best way to deliver potentially life-altering therapies is to ensure clinical research accurately, and fully, represents all those it’s intended to help. We recognize we have work to do on this journey of equity and inclusion, and we intend to set the standard in improving diversity, as well as for gene therapy. We’re confident we can get there together. And we invite you to join the effort.

bluebird bio is conducting clinical studies of investigational gene therapy in sickle cell disease. Safety and efficacy have not been established and this gene therapy is not FDA approved.

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For more information about our trials, please visit clinicaltrials.gov.

Medical professionals may also email us at clinicaltrials@bluebirdbio.com for more information about study participation.