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our Leadership

Melissa Bonner

Vice President, Research

My pandemic hobby is gardening and attempting to make friends with all the local birds. I’ve gone from 0 to 8 birdhouses. This is a cry for help.

Jason F. Cole, Esq.

Chief Business Officer

I play the ukulele. It’s not that hard – if I can do it, uke can do it!

Rich Colvin, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

You can tell I’m an Infectious Diseases Doc as I love camping in Southern Africa where you can observe the really big picture of biology!

Gina Consylman

Chief Financial Officer

I’m named after a gene – my father, Eugene!

Anne-Virginie Eggimann

Chief Regulatory Officer

I met my Swiss husband at a French movie in Los Angeles.

Helen Fu

Senior Vice President, General Counsel

I started college intending to be a scientist, but my lab bench skills eventually led me to become a lawyer for biotech companies!

Kasra Kasraian

Senior Vice President, Technical Development and Operations

I’m fluent in two languages and I still can’t think of what to say…

Tom Klima

Chief Commercial Officer

My family often gets called the Brady Bunch, I’m part of a blended family with 8 kids!

Andrew Obenshain

Chief Executive Officer

Don’t be so sure that’s me in the pic - I have an identical twin!

Scott Shoemaker

Senior Vice President, Quality

I’m very in to sports but geographically confused: I’m a big fan of the Washington Football Team, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Red Sox.

Board of Directors

Mark Vachon

Chairman; Formerly of GE

John O. Agwunobi, M.D.

Herbalife Nutrition

Lis Leiderman, M.D.

Decibel Therapeutics

Nick Leschly

2seventy bio

Andrew Obenshain

Chief Executive Officer, bluebird bio

Najoh Tita-Reid