We've pursuing curative gene therapies
We're pursuing curative gene therapies

to give patients and their
families more bluebird days.

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Setting the standard for gene therapy

For more than a decade, we’ve forged new paths for gene therapies and are improving and advancing at every step. We have the largest and deepest ex-vivo gene therapy data set in the world—driving the field forward, but we aren’t doing this alone. We learn from the realities of others. We engage in conversations that shape our actions and intentions. And we make sure to be good humans who are all-in every day.

Gene Addition Therapy: We’re building platforms with broad therapeutic potential because incremental improvements won’t do

Delivering more bluebird days for patients and their families requires a different approach to treating disease. In a rapidly advancing field, we’ve been leading the way for a decade. At bluebird, our proprietary lentiviral vector gene therapies are one-time treatments that are designed to deliver a functional copy of a gene to a patient’s own cells.

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