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diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity isn't a goal, it's a necessity

We believe that difference powers innovation. Every day we face the challenging and the complex: rare diseases, how therapeutic treatments work, even a system that isn't ready for new forms of care.

We take on the hard stuff and don't fly away from a challenge, so racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other systems of oppression don't get a pass here. At bluebird, diversity, equity and inclusion empower us to act courageously, care deeply, and dream boldly to impact people in big ways.

Progress, not perfection

We are at a pivotal moment in society and our nest, so bluebird has taken a deep, introspective look at ourselves as individuals and as a company. Our work calls us to reimagine what's possible — that includes challenging inequity in the world and our own environment. We understand where we have done well, and even more importantly, uncovered opportunities to do — and be — better. These are the commitments we've made to advance equity and justice at bluebird:
  1. Improve our hiring and retention of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx (BIPOC) employees specifically
  2. Increase retention and belonging by utilizing data, existing surveys, focus groups, listening tours, and ERG partnerships to better understand the experiences of underrepresented groups and make improvements accordingly
  3. Lead with analytics to identify where systemic issues exist in our promotions, hiring, pay and other people practices and inform targeted structural and behavioral changes to mitigate and eliminate bias and barriers wherever they exist

We persist for purpose

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create safe spaces for our birds to engage, learn, and grow as they connect across all functions. These bird-led groups strengthen the organization by fostering an inclusive experience through leveraging shared life experiences and intersectionality. With executive partnership, this program provides guidance and support in personal and/or career development.

Working Parents/Guardians Employee Resource Group

Black and Latinidad Diversity Leadership Development

Business Resource Association of Veteran Employees

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

Union for International Togetherness and Eastern Diversity

Women Influencing Leadership Development

We can't do something this big on our own

Like the idea of changing how disease — and people — are treated? See where we’re hiring in the flock.