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scour the internet for any scrap of information I can find, because the more I know the better I feel about the

let's recode the story


These are our stories – and yours

Recoding means having the opportunity to rewrite stories. Our life story. The story of medical innovation. The story of disease, treatment, and healthcare. The story we tell ourselves about what’s possible. Because what we may think is permanently written – in our genes, in our system – is actually open to reimagining, revising and recoding.

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A true blue hello to the Thalassemia community...


you may hate it, but you're going to remember it ...


I realize that I lost an amazing opportunity to commit myself entirely to ...


I actually answered the phone for an unknown reason. A phone call with ...


I had quantifiable goals that were driven by training and purpose because we were preparing for ...


What might get missed amongst this incredible array of candidates in clinical development is ...


The structural steel and walls alone won’t allow us to serve patients around the world that need our therapies, nor will it be ...